What makes the Academy different? Just these 5 things:
What We Teach, Why We Teach, How We Teach It, Who We Teach It To, & Who Teaches It

David Hakim, Director of the Midwest Academy, began his martial arts training over 3 decades ago. He is both a practitioner & teacher of the Seizan Ryu Kempo-Jujutsu system studying & receiving teaching sanction under the arts premier master teachers: Roland Roemer & Dan Pauley. David is currently recognized as a "Godan" ("5th degree black belt") & was one of the youngest teachers to be qualified as a "Shihan" ("Master Teacher") of the art. David also has experience & teaching authority in various Chinese, Japanese, Israeli, Indonesian, Filipino, & Brazilian martial arts including teaching license in Modern Arnis De Mano (Remy Presas lineage) & Gracie Combatives (Rener Gracie)

David is Program-Lead for the Academy's Firearms-Combatives-Program (FCP) - a unique kinesiology-based firearms training program that includes, among other facets: visual acuity & proprioception sciences, perception & decision-making sciences, & critical-incident mindset development sciences taught through the "art of gunfighting". Similar to the other martial arts taught at the Academy, FCP lessons are applicable to every aspect of one's personal growth, development, & quality of life. The FCP curriculum is a synergistic combination of several Tier 1 "gunfighting" systems including CSAT (Paul Howe), TAPS (Pat McNamara), & Haley Strategic (Travis Haley), in which David has numerous training & instructor certifications under contemporary Tier 1 instructors. He also brings his own military & law enforcement professional experiences - where he has served those communities as a combat veteran, special operations leader, & senior trainer - to the FCP knowledge base.

In addition to being known for his pragmatic approach to martial arts & combatives training, David regularly writes, speaks, & conducts personal & leadership development training for a number of groups inside & outside the Academy. His approach to the topic is drawn from a base of formal education, training, & personal experience including multiple postgraduate masters degrees related to the topic & deeply personal experience recovering from traumatic & catastrophic injury. David Hakim is a member of the Seizan Ryu Advisory Board, an organization headquartered at the Colorado Academy of Martial Arts that ensures the current and future integrity of Seizan Ryu schools. He is known, both in the martial arts & law enforcement special operations communities, as being a versatile, well rounded instructor who blends traditional martial training with a practical & progressive approach.

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David Anderson Sensei began his martial arts training in 1991. David has developed a strong background in several fighting systems including Chinese & Brazilian martial arts.  He trained ocassionally in Seizan Ryu starting in the late 1990's, but began a formal training regimen in the system under David Hakim Sensei in 2008. He is currently a member of the Midwest Academy's Cadre having teaching authority, with tenure, in the Seizan Ryu system as an instructor of both the Unarmed Defense & Impact/Edged Weapons Programs.

David Anderson Sensei has earned a Masters of Science in Management & Organizational Behavior/Organizational Development (MS MOB/OD). His academic background, along with his years of leardership, partnership, & mentoring experience, add value to the student experience at the Academy through his guidence of program imlimentation & staff development in his role as the Academy's Operations Manager. 

David Anderson Sensei has been a Law Enforcement professional for over 25 years.  He  also soldiered in the US Army in Infantry Scout & Military Intelligence units & served in the US Army National Guard. His military & law enforcement backgrounds, along with years of Seizan Ryu experience, facilitate students' growth & understanding of the system with particular regard to the practical applications of martial arts training.

Program Leads* & Senior Teachers
*Program Leads are authorized to do long term curriculum planning for classes.

Gilbert Chavez Sensei  began his martial arts journey under Master J. Culin earning a black belt & teacher sanction in Tae Kwon Do. His journey then lead him to study Krav Maga at the Austin Self Defense School where he received rank under Dan Kiser. Additionally, he studed Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) for several years receiving rank under Grandmaster J. Delaney & Professor L. McManus. He has been studying Seizan Ryu since 2007 & has teaching authority, with tenure, in Seizan Ryu Kempo-Jujutsu as an Unarmed Defense Program Lead & Modern Arnis de Mano as an Impact/Edged Weapons Program Lead. He is the senior Program Lead at the Academy.

In additon to a diverse martial arts training background, Gilbert is also a graduate of Northern Illinois University (NIU) & has years of experience in small business management, personnel development, cirriculum design, planning & implementation. He has a unique gift for not only imparting the physical skills associated with the Seizan Ryu system, but also the mental & emotional aspects of the art.

Christopher Brozik Sensei began his martial arts training as a youth studying Isshinryu Karate-Do. As a young man, Chris soldiered domestically & overseas as a member of the US Army's 17th PsyOps Special Operations Group under the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). After leaving the military, he began studying Seizan Ryu Kempo-Jujutsu & Modern Arnis de Mano under David Hakim Sensei. He is a "plank owner" in the Academy's Firearms-Combatives Program (FCP) and serves as the FCP Program Coordinator as well as a Seizan Ryu Unarmed Defense & Impact/Edged Weapons Instructor.

By way of profession, Chris is a supervisor for the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad where he began as an electrician. UP recognized his skill in mentoring junior tradesmen early in his career - an attribute which he sees as an extension of his role as a teacher/mentor in the martial arts. In addition to being a husband and father, Chris takes a personal interest in every student that he teaches considering them part of his "extended family".

Adam Kasle Sensei began training in Seizan Ryu in 1993 under David Hakim Sensei. He has been a member of the Midwest Academy cadre since 2009 & has teaching authority, with tenure, in Seizan Ryu Kempo-Jujutsu as an Unarmed Defense Program Lead & Impact/Edged Weapons Instructor.

By way of profession, Adam is a chemical engineer & holds a BSChE from Northwestern University. He has been in the refining industry for almost 25 years.

Adam's strong science background, his years of Seizan Ryu Kempo-Jujutsu technical training, & his teaching experience, are a unique combination that facilitates students' learning. Among students, he is known for his strong analytical mind, problem solving skills, & systematic teaching style which not only gives students' the "right answer" to their questions, but also teaches them how to find their own "right answers".

Don Kluemper Sensei began his formal martial arts in 1986 studying several martial arts including, among others, Korean, Japanese, & American kickboxing. He is recognized as having black belt rankings in Tae Kwon Do (1st degree) & Go Ju Ryu Karate (3rd degree).   In 2010, he began training in Seizan Ryu Kempo-Jujutsu & Modern Arnis de Mano under David Hakim Sensei. He has earned black belt ranking in the Seizan Ryu system & is an Academy instructor within both the Unarmed Defense & Impact/Edged Weapons Programs.    

By way of profession, Don has earned a PhD in Business Management. He serves on the management faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).  In addition, he is the Director of the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development (iLEAD) at the University.

Don's passion for teaching, mentoring, scientific discovery, & personal improvement have guided his identity as both a scholar & martial artist. Students fortunate enough to learn from Don cannot help but to be inspired, movitated, & energized by his personal passion for learning & facilitating other's success.

Colorado Academy of Martial Arts Colorado Academy of Martial Arts Roland S. Roemer, Founder, Colorado Academy of Martial Arts (CAMA) Director, Weapons Program Lead Teacher

Roland founded CAMA in 1988 and has been teaching since 1967. He has obtained advanced degrees and teacher accreditation in eight martial arts systems. Additionally, he holds a Master of Arts degree in Education.

 Advice to students:  Being a martial artist is equally about traits such as emotional resilience, mental toughness, and a passion for constant learning, as it is about physical prowess. If you conduct yourself as a warrior and a scholar, the world will provide you with everything you need, and probably everything you desire. Ultimately they are the same thing.

Daniel C. Pauley Sensei began his formal martial arts training in 1972. He has studied Isshinryu Karate-Do, Chi-Lin (Kirin) Kempo, Modern Arnis-Eskrima, Kodokan Judo, & Western boxing in addition to his heavy involvement in the Seizan Ryu Kempojujutsu. He's attained teaching credentials in many of those arts, as well as advanced instructor's recognition in modern firearms training methods.

He is recognized as "Renshi" within the Seizan Ryu system - a position he earned along with a "6th degree black belt" in 1998. Pauley Sensei is the director at the Anaguma Dojo in southwesten Colorado, USA.

A 30-year career in Law Enforcement, military-contracting, & security-training assignments has given him an appreciation for realistic, simple & pragmatic training methods. These methods allow students to gain a strong training base, identifying what is important to them, while filtering out distractions.

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John Bump, Training Manager

David Anderson,
Academy Operations Manager

Regular Guest Teachers

What We Teach

We are specialists in facilitating personal growth & leadership development through our practical, experience-based unarmed & armed martial arts &  unique firearms-combatives cirriculums.

Why We Teach

In addition to the practical reasons to study martial arts (increasing personal protections skills, optimizing health, & enhancing situational awareness), our training develops mental toughness & emoitional resilience - personal traits that influence success in all areas of life! We don't just teach you how to identify, avoid, or mitigate dangerous situations (you learn that too!) - we also facilitate you in becoming the best version of yourself!

How We Teach It

We could tell you about how we break complex skills into smaller components, perform the appropriate amount of deep practice, meaningful  repetitions to myelinate the neural pathways so that the skills can be performed at a level of automaticity...but you will get enough exposure to  learning theory, performance based training theory, etc once you are training with us  - that isn't what you want to know right now anyway...

Have you ever been in a class, maybe an academic or professional one, where you began to wonder if the teacher even knew you were there? Like you, we have also been in those "lost-in-the-crowd" type classes; that's why it's our priority to personalize classes by individually tailoring lesson plans to the specific needs of each student. Our students never worry about getting the attention they deserve to excel. Our teachers understand    that class time is your time. Although we  use a traditional dojo ("martial arts school") structure, our atmosphere is relaxed rather than rigid. Most students find that it's not only acceptable, but unavoidable, to have a great time training. Since our classes are planned & structured , the training experience is conducive to learning, developing & mastering new skills. Invest some time training with us, & you will become good; make it a regular discipline & put in a little extra effort, & you will become great...not a bad perk!

The best way to understand how we teach is to experience it - we invite you to do just that as our guest!

Who We Teach It To

The Midwest Academy looks for nearly the same qualities in a new student as a new students look for in a martial arts school. You might just say we are as selective in choosing you as you are in choosing us. The Academy exists for the success of our students. We have been teaching since 1968 & to keep our success rate as high as it is, we only accept students who bring a positive attitude with them. The quality of a class depends on quality of students and teachers -  we require our teachers to bring a positive attitude as well! This single requirement allows us to provide a safe, exciting & rewarding training experience; the approach is both traditional & progressive; the Academy roster is devoid of "compete-to-kill" mindsets; lacking "cultish" peers, and, well, you get the idea...

Due to the practical content of our system, we prefer that students in our Adult classes generally be at least 17 years old. Youth students may be accepted as young as 13 years old based the approval of the Director after an interview with both the potential student & parents/guardian. Youth students in their teens receive training in the Adult program on an individual basis as dictated by their physical, mental & emotional maturity. A youth student's curriculum will be individualized to that particular student's needs.

We look for the same things in students that they look for in a school: a commitment to excellence!

Who Teaches It
The Academy Staff